Why We Invested

Why We Invested
9 November, 2022

Why we Invested in Influur

The creator economy has grown dramatically in recentyears. More than 50 million people worldwide now considerthemselves content creators, and the size of the market hasgrown to more than $104 billion…
Why We Invested
2 September, 2022

Why we Invested in Ontop

  During the past few years, the global workforce underwentthe most dramatic shift it has seen in decades, where thepandemic sped up the adoption of remote work by at leastseven…
Why We Invested
1 August, 2022

Why we Invested in Félix

In Mexico, 33% of the population lives on less than US$5per day. 53% of the rural population and 36% of the urbanpopulation has less than a 7th grade education. 44%…
Why We Invested
8 July, 2022

Why we Invested in Morado

There is a common saying that “beauty is in the eye of thebeholder”. While this is arguably true, we in Latin Americaare not afraid to put in the extra work…
Why We Invested
23 June, 2022

Why we Invested in Aument

At H20, we had a recent conversation with an ecommercebrand who complained about not being able to fullyunderstand why her clients weren’t returning. Her teamdidn’t have the in-house capabilities to…