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As investors, we are always asked, “What metrics should I show to complete a successful fundraising round?”. While there is no magic formula, we have seen that based on thousands of companies analyzed over the years, that there is a baseline of what institutional investors expect to see before writing an investment check.

In Chapter 4 of our Founder Tip Series, we have decided to give a high-level overview of metrics that are important at each stage of a company’s life cycle. We note that just as no two companies are alike, similarly, the dynamics of each financing round depends on many external factors such as the macro environment, market liquidity, competition, and sector focus.

With that said, we hope that this guide will help founders who continue to have questions around best positioning their company for a successful raise.

Disclaimer: The information presented above is strictly for conversational purposes. It is not legal advice and we recommend to consult legal counsel before taking action on anything mentioned in this blog.

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