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 At HTwenty, we are thrilled to announce our recent investment in DarwinAI, a cutting-edge AI startup that is set to revolutionize the sales landscape in Latin America. Our decision to invest in DarwinAI stems from the compelling market opportunities in the region, the expertise of the founding team, and the transformative impact we believe DarwinAI can have in the high-touch midsize market.

The Solution:

DarwinAI’s innovative software leverages Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) to create a Large Language Model (LLM) designed for sales communication. By seamlessly integrating into high-touch SMB companies’ sales channels, DarwinAI’s technology interacts with customers and employees, becoming a self-learning product that adapts to each company’s processes and strategies. This not only reduces repetitive tasks and time-consuming conversations but also significantly increases lead conversion rates. DarwinAI’s vision extends beyond sales communication, aiming to become an “all-in-one top employee” by leveraging their chat AI technology for various SMB operations.

Market Overview of AI Venture Capital Funding Globally:

The global AI venture capital landscape has experienced unprecedented growth, close to $50 billion in 2023. This surge reflects the transformative potential of AI technologies across various industries. As forward-thinking investors, we recognize the need to explore emerging markets, and Latin America stands out as a promising frontier for AI venture capital funding. With a growing talent pool and increasing AI-focused startups, Latin America presents untapped potential, especially in sectors like agriculture, mining, and addressing healthcare and education challenges.

Opportunities in Latin America:

Latin America’s AI ecosystem is gaining momentum, and the region holds significant potential for long-term growth. According to a recent report by ALLVP, 46% of corporate companies in Latin America are already utilizing AI, with an impressive 93% planning future implementations. This indicates a growing reliance on AI technologies, with machine learning leading as the most adopted AI technology.

Go-To-Market Strategy:

DarwinAI’s strategic focus on the Latin American high-touch midmarket aligns perfectly with the region’s dynamics. With a target audience including automotive, real estate, education, and high-ticket retail, DarwinAI aims to cater to family-owned businesses lacking internal AI capabilities. These businesses are increasingly digitized but remain underserved by larger multinational software companies. DarwinAI’s solution positions itself as the missing link for these companies, providing an AI-powered system of record that enhances sales efficiency and customer interaction.

About the Team:

One of the key factors driving our investment in DarwinAI is its exceptional team. Lautaro Schiaffino and Ezequiel Scull are experienced second-time co-founders who possess a deep understanding of the market segment, a strong network, and a prior success in building on top of WhatsApp’s infrastructure; bringing valuable insights and a proven playbook to the table. Their experience with Sirena (exited to Zenvia) adds an extra layer of confidence in their ability to navigate and excel in the high-touch midsize market in Latin America.

In conclusion, our investment in DarwinAI reflects our commitment to supporting innovative AI solutions in Latin America. We are excited about the transformative potential of DarwinAI’s technology in empowering high-touch SMBs, and we look forward to partnering with the team as they embark on this exciting journey.

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