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HTwenty is thrilled to announce our strategic investment in PulPos alongside A16Z and Newtopia, marking a collaborative effort to support the growth and success of this innovative venture. Our decision to invest in PulPos is underpinned by the exceptional leadership team’s seasoned expertise and the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the SMB SaaS landscape. Led by Co-Founders Franco Silvetti, Frank Martin, Lucas Cortes, and Pablo Rodrigo Ciruzzi, PulPos has already demonstrated its capabilities in addressing critical pain points within the retail sector.

This distinguished team, with its roots in successful collaborations at TripAdvisor and Restorando, brings a wealth of experience to PulPos, showcasing their ability to scale ventures to acquisition. Their entrepreneurial acumen aligns seamlessly with our investment philosophy, making PulPos an exciting addition to our portfolio.

PulPos’s comprehensive operating system for independent retailers, launched in Latin America with a primary focus on Mexico, marks a significant leap forward in the SaaS space. The cloud POS and inventory management solution are designed to replace outdated systems, providing retailers with a user-friendly and intuitive solution. The commitment to an efficient onboarding process, supported by successful instances of self-onboarding and AI-driven assistance, further illustrates PulPos’s dedication to creating a seamless experience for users.

The company’s targeted approach to customer segments, including hardware stores, pharmacies, and small supermarkets, aligns strategically with the current market dynamics. PulPos’s emphasis on channel partnerships and reseller models reflects a forward-thinking strategy for sustainable growth, with the leadership team’s expertise guiding these initiatives.

In summary, our excitement about investing in PulPos stems from the outstanding team, a revolutionary product addressing market needs, strategic positioning, and promising early traction. As partners alongside A16Z and Newtopia, HTwenty looks forward to contributing to PulPos’s continued success and playing a role in reshaping the SMB SaaS landscape in Latin America.